Iverson Park

This folder contains scenes from a walk along the Green Circle Trail (Stevens Point, WI) beginning at Iverson Park. The trail is a 25mile loop that circumvavigates Stevens Point. The photos here show the trail following the Plover River and McDill Pond. It crosses under the CN rail line and over Patch Street. Taken with my Nikon F100 using AgfaPhoto Vista Plus ISO 200. Processed using Unicolor C-41 kit.
N-11-Scan2-002 web  Barbara and Kyra starting down the path N-11-Scan2-003 web  The trail follows the Plover River barely showing on left. N-11-Scan2-005 web  Oaks and maples line the trail. N-11-Scan2-008 web  At one point the trail passes under the tracks of the CN railroad.  View looking north.
N-11-Scan2-013 web  A view from the southside on Patch Street.  Freight cars are assembled at the yard (to the west) in Stevens Point and long trains make their way to their destinations N-11-Scan2-014 web  A view looking north from Patch Street. N-11-Scan2-016 web  The waters of McDill Pond south of Patch Street. N-11-Scan2-018 web  Woods on a bluff overlooking McDill Pond.
N-11-Scan2-019 web  The path home. N-11-Scan2-021 web  Ducks in an eddy of the pond N-11-Scan2-022 web  Where railcars meet the sky. N-11-Scan2-024 web  There is a goose hidden in the reeds here.  Can you find him/her?