Missouri Scenes

This folder contains photos of two locations near Columbia, Missouri. They were taken with a Rollei 35S camera using Ilford HP 5+ but shot at ISO 200 instead of box speed of ISO 400.
original-2  Son-in-Law, John and daughter, Laura out for a walk on path through wooded area behind their house near Hallsville, Missouri.  The wooded area is part of a conservation area administered by the Missouri Department of Conservation. original-3  Dry creek bottom within the Conservation area.  Although there is no water in the stream bed now (mid October) springtime rains and other rain events turn this rocky course into swift running water. original  Tree sillouettes against the sky. original-4  Numerous treefalls cross the rocky stream course making for interesting random patterns.
original-5  John commenting on the fact that there is some standing water within the ravine. original-6  Walkway at Rockbridge Memorial State Park near Columbia, Missouri.  The park is known for its caves (shown here), sinkholes, and rocky outcrops. original-7  Standing within a cave at Rockbridge Memorial State Park original-8  Teetering rock adjacent to wooden walkway viewing platform. - Rockbridge Memorial State Park